So this is the re-launch of my personal website/blog I created in 2012. I had fallen victim to the ‘not having enough time’ mentality to up-keep this site and move it forward, so to speak.

Well with any luck I am going to put that right. I have made it one of my New Years resolutions to keep posting and hopefully make the the site a little more interesting. I will be attempting to update my portfolio (most important) with old and new work, particularly with respect to showing some of my drafting work and concept designs: this may be a mix of the old hand drawn stuff if I can still find any and more up to date CAD generated stuff.

I would like to post articles about whats going on in the commercial interior design world, whether its retail; hospitality; corporate; leisure; furniture/product/lighting design. From time to time I may even blog about general stuff that I find interesting, which is basically how I started this thing in the first place. Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions, and if they are clean enough, they will be published…

Website Design

I don’t how many of of you have tried to design your own websites as a novice, but don’t let anyone tell you its easy, because its not. I have toiled with WordPress not so much in learning how IT operates but how the Backend stuff works. In particular, one aspect that can be very difficult to get right is migrating a site from a local server (your own computer) to a live server (your web hosting company). Anyway, I am glad I finally got this thing to work.

In case you are wondering this is a custom WordPress site. I have refreshed the look of the site with a new responsive theme by EugenO – a ThemeForest Elite Author, which is intended for creative/portfolio/photography uses. Being Responsive it means that the site is now compatible with mobile devices like iPads/iPhones etc. I also like the clean minimal style of this theme which does not suffer from ‘feature bloat’ like so many blogs do these days. One of my mottos in life ‘Keep it Simple’, so this is what I am trying to do.


For no particular reason I chose these images of one of my favorite fashion designers, Issey Miyake and some of his work when I visited the Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) before Christmas 2013. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Joel Riehl

    It was a great exhibit. I was there with sons and daughter-in-law right before it closed. Looking forward to seeing this world through your eyes Rob.

    • admin

      Thanks Joel for being my first official commentator that wasn’t spam. I’ll certainly do my best to portray my vision of our world through design. A good exhibition at SAM – I need to get down there more often. I’ve got some other pictures from that day that I might put up!


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