555 Planet Europa Promo: ‘555 Galaxy Night’

This video ties in with my post entitled 555 Planet Europa Promo: ‘A Dream Within A Dream’.

The Galaxy Party was filmed to promote the Soft Opening of the club (25th October 1996) to a selection of VIP’s in the entertainment industry prior to the Grand Opening of the club at the end of the month. On the night, a Singaporian rock/cover band played live on stage supported by  a local choreographed dance troop. Dance tunes rocked the house with numbers selected clubs in house DJ synched to the computer controlled sound and lighting system designed and sourced in Singapore. All systems were go including the beautiful island cocktail bar with fire blowing bar staff and and the private Karaoke suites were in full swing with their own hostesses serving drinks to groups of affluent party goers in their own sound proof rooms with lounge seating and dedicated sound/video systems.

The club was owned and operated by a private joint venture between Alan Gan, a Singaporian operator living in Vietnam Vietnam and the renowned entertainment operator from Singapore – Denis Foo. The venue was in part sponsored by British American Tobacco brand ‘555’.

Creative Director/Producer (Video): Nick Hamilton and Craig Bee. Interiors: Rob Horton | Audio Visual Design | Steven Lau, Gary Caldwell | Graphics: Craig Bee, Justin Williams | Lighting: Mark Leigh | Video Editor: Mark Wharton.




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