Alone in the Wilderness II

If you don’t know the story of Dick Proenneke, I highly recommend you read the original book “One Man’s Wilderness, An Alaskan Odyssey (Sam Keith and Richard Proenneke 1973) and watch the DVD entitled “Alone in the Wilderness” (Bob Swerer Productions 2004).

It’s the true life tale about Dick, who at the age of 50, went to live alone in a remote area of Alaska and built his own log cabin on the shores of Twin Lakes, a 15 minute flight West of Anchorage.  He remained there for the next 30 years.  During that time he filmed his own adventures on a 16mm clockwork cine camera.  The most interesting aspects of Dick’s survival skills for me, were his carpentry skills using high quality but ‘old school’ woodworking tools, many of which are now highly sort after collectibles.

The sequel to the first DVD has just been released for sale, Alone in the Wilderness part II.  It’s a continuation of the first movie with previously unseen footage.  So, check out the two official movie trailers I have attched.

These publications are available from :


Bonus:  Here’s another interesting movie of Dick’s cabin.  Shot in 2010 by an Alaskan adventurer, Lars.


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