Anthony’s Homeport 2010


After graduating from Kingston Polytechnic  (now Kingston University), near London, England in 1987 with Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Interior Design, I went on to work for some of Britain’s best known Design and Architecture consultancies. After five years of continuous professional employment I was interviewed by a select panel, and became a full Member of the Chartered Society of Designers and awarded the affixation MCSD.

Many people believe that ‘Kingston’ had a unique ‘house style’ routed firmly in avant-garde architectural principals and the use of modern construction materials like polished concrete, sandblasted glass and shot blasted steel to name a few; quite what ‘everyone else were using at the time.  I am grateful for this, and I am proud to be recognized by those referring to us in some circles as ‘interior architects’.  We were lucky to have some of the finest practicing architects and designers in the country to instruct us and from who to draw inspiration.  People like: Ben Kelly; Julian Powell-Tuck; Alan Phillips; Roger Mann.

In the days before computers, our primary method of communicating our ideas was by drawing.  If a person could not draw freehand and master a variety of graphic techniques, he was almost unable to compete for work.  With that said, we all had to transition to personal computers in the early 90’s and I subsequently became an expert user of Building Information Modelling Systems (BIM), which is essentially being able to create three dimensional or ‘virtual’ buildings to produce unlimited views, renderings and animations of spaces, not to mention construction documentation an materials take-offs.

Fundamentally, I specialize in design development and detail design of architectural interiors including furniture design across a broad range of disciplines, primarily in Retail, Corporate, Leisure and Mixed Use developments.

My career up to this point has predominantly taken me down the road of ‘freelance designer’, opting to follow-the-work and seek out those employers doing only the best work.  I have worked under the umbrella of my own companies: Horton Design Associates Ltd (UK); and Spaceframe Interior Architecture Ltd (Canada), with my own clients and as a sub contractor. I have also worked directly for a few select organizations in United Kingdom, Hong Kong and USA.


Download my CV/Resume: RH 2017 Resume in PDF format.